Best Groomed Dog  (sponsored by Heiniger)   Connie Walker – Kerry Blue

Reserve Best Dog (sponsored by Heiniger)   Christine Anderton – Standard Poodle

Best Transformation (sponsored by Heiniger)-Abi Maguire

Spectators Special Award
(sponsored by Heiniger) - Connie Walker 

1st place – Elouisa Plumpton
2nd place – Dorata Kiezel
3rd place – Clementine Brenne

 1st place –Lucy Butler
2nd place – Rebecca Stones
3rd place – Briony Marshall

 Asian Freestyle 
1st place – Holly Mills
2nd place – Abi Chamberlain
3rd place – James Holberry
VHC - Holly Pettitt
VHC - Cassandra Stephens

Hand Strip Open
1st place – Sol Grigas
2nd place – Daniella Nelson
3rd place – Penny Sharpe

Hand Strip Champion
1st place – Mich Dale
2nd place – Sophie Fury
3rd place – Lisa Parker

 Spaniel and Setter Open
1st place – Kris Upton
2nd place – Taya Hughes
3rd place – Kara Boyd 

Spaniel and Setter Champion
1st place – Emma Bull
2nd place – Jo Silk-Smith
3rd Place – Hannah Bowles

Poodle Min/Toy Open
1st place – Lindsey Crouch
2nd place – Abi Maguire
3rd place – Hannah Barron

Poodle Standard Open
1st place – Callum Anderton
2nd place – Nicole Whittle
3rd place – Jo Silk-Smith

Poodle Champion
1st place – Christine Anderton
2nd place –Fiona Brook
3rd place – Paula Buru

 Pure Breed Scissor Open
1st place – Amy Stannard
2nd place – Abbie Toogood
3rd place – Abi Spiller

 Pure Breed Scissor Champion
1st place – Connie Walker
2nd place – Emma Dennis
3rd place – Georgia Willy

Salon Freestyle Pure Breed Open
1st place – Abi Maguire
2nd place – Andrea Holland
3rd place – Steph Barber

Salon Freestyle Cross Breed Open
1st place – Holly Pettitt
2nd place – Samantha Smethurst
3rd place – Cassandra Stephens
VHC - Lisa Wood
VHC - Beth Randal

Salon Freestyle Champion
1st place – Kara Boyd
2nd place – Lizzie McCann
3rd place – Fran Curtin