Entries and Rules

Rules of entry

Beginner: should not have more than 1 year full time grooming experience. No breed specialists allowed.
Intermediate: over 1 year and up to 3 years grooming experience. No breed specialists allowed. 
Open: anyone with less than 3 firsts or two firsts and a Best in Show within any set class. Breed specialists should enter this class.
Champion: Open to anyone 

Class Definitions

Beginner: Any breed or cross breed any trimming or stripping techniques.
Intermediate: Any breed or cross breed any trimming or stripping techniques.
Salon Freestyle Pure Breed:  Any pure breed in a salon style e.g. clipped body (Poodles in clipped lamb trim also included), scissored drop coats.   Non Asian style.
Salon Freestyle Cross Breed:  Any cross breed in a salon style e.g. clipped body, scissored  coats. Non Asian style.
Asian Freestyle:  Asian influenced styling. Colouring or pre colour is not permitted due to Kennel Club regulations. Accessories are permitted but should be kept to a minimum.
Hand Strip: Terriers or other wire coated breed. Must be hand strip technique.
Spaniel & Setter: Any Spaniel or Setter.  Must be hand strip  technique.
Poodles: Accepted breed trim only, can include Dutch trim. Face and feet should be clipped prior to the competition. Comb attachments are not permitted in this class. An assistant may be used when spraying up top knots.
Pure Breed Scissor: Breeds such as Bedlington, Bichon, Bouvier, Kerry Blue. Must be a full scissor trim. Comb attachments are not permitted in this class.

General Rules

Your choice and usage of tools and equipment will be taken into account as part of the judges marking criteria.
Dogs hair must be long enough to allow the groomer to make changes to it's physical appearance. Dogs must be freshly bathed and dried with a knot free coat.
Ears should be clean and nails trimmed prior to the competition.
Dogs hygiene areas and underpads may be clipped according to breed standard prior to the competition.
Please allow time to prepare yourself and your dog to be ready for pre judging.
Competitors arriving more than 15 minutes after the class start time will not be allowed to participate.
Judges and organisers reserve the right to disqualify any dog or groomer entered in the wrong class.
Once the results of the competition have been declared, if a competitor is found to have been entered in the wrong class they will be disqualified and any prizes withdrawn.
Awards will be given at the end of the day, if you are not there to collect them you will be responsible for any postage costs.
All groomers are responsible for their dogs care and well being during their time at the event. Inappropriate or unsafe handling will result in immediate disqualification.
Please ensure you clean up after your dogs and dispose of waste in the bins provided.
A rubbish bag for use during the competition will be provided at your table - please use it!
All groomers are responsible for their own health and safety during the event.
Entry fees are non refundable.