2016 Results


Premier Groomer of the Year (sponsored by Double K)  –

Amy Manser  – Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and American Cocker Spaniel

Best Groomed Dog (sponsored by Double K)

Amy Manser – Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Reserve Best Dog (sponsored by Aesculap) Judith Silk-Smith – Cocker Spaniel

Best Beginner – Ewa Blachewicz- West Highland White Terrier

Beginners (sponsored by Groomers)
1st place – Ewa Blachewicz – West Highland White
2nd place – Natalie Smith – Cocker Spaniel
3rd place – Amie Gale –Cross Breed

Hand Strip Intermediate(sponsored by Summit Groomer Training Group)
1st place – Jade Worthington – Border Terrier
2nd place – Dylan Davies – Lakeland Terrier

Hand Strip Open (sponsored by Total Grooming Magazine)
1st place – Fee Brook– Miniature Schnauzer
2nd place – Karen Hurrion –Norfolk Terrier
3rd place – Zoe Barker – Border Terrier

Hand Strip Champion (sponsored by Top Trimz)
1st place – Julie Lalou – WelshTerrier
2nd place – Sophie Fury – Airedale Terrier
3rd place – Carol Ponce – Scottish Terrier

Pure Breed Scissor  Intermediate (sponsored by Canine Design)
1st place – Nicola Coombes – Bichon
2nd place – Chelsea Tankard – Bichon
3rd place – Vendula Skarydova – Kerry Blue

Pure Breed Scissor  Open (sponsored by The ProGroomer)
1st place – Fee Brook – Bichon
2nd place – Connie Critcher – Kerry Blue
3rd place – Abigail Spiller – Bedlington

Pure Breed Scissor Champion (sponsored by Alison Rogers Grooming Academy)
1st place – Amy Manser – Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
2nd place – Adrian Long – Bouvier
3rd place – Kelly Davis – Bedlington

Pure Breed Workshop Intermediate (sponsored by Groomers)
1st place – Nicky Kazan – Welsh Terrier
2nd place – Billie Tomkins – West Highland White Terrier
3rd place – Nicola Coombes – Cocker Spaniel

Pure Breed Workshop Open (sponsored by AbbFabb Scissors & Gay Blade Sharpening)
1st place – Judith Silk-Smith – Cocker Spaniel
2nd place – Kris Upton – Cocker Spaniel
3rd place – Lisa Pearce – Lhasa Apso

Pure Breed Workshop Champion (sponsored by Wild Wash)
1st place  – Tiffany Jennings – Standard Poodle
2nd place – Phillippa Brooks – Standard Poodle
3rd place – Georgia Fuller – Miniature Poodle

Spaniel and Setter Intermediate(sponsored by Animology)
1st place – Emma Bull – Cocker Spaniel

Spaniel and Setter Open (sponsored by Pets At Home)
1st place – Joanne Silk-Smith – Cocker Spaniel
2nd place – Hannah Bedding – American Cocker Spaniel
3rd place – Kelly Miles – Welsh Springer Spaniel

 Spaniel and Setter Champion (sponsored by Wet Pets Coversions)
1st place – Amy Manser – American Cocker Spaniel
2nd place – Lois Dalton –Cocker Spaniel
3rd Place – Emma Taylor –Cocker Spaniel

Poodle Intermediate (sponsored by Utsumi Scissors)
1st place – Jessica Peggs – Miniature
2nd place – Mathew Spry – Standard
3rd place – Katie Bottomley – Standard

Poodle Open (sponsored by Ravenstein)
1st place – Sarah Tulloch – Standard
2nd place – Dana Grant – Miniature
3rd place – Dione Spice – Miniature

Poodle Champion (sponsored by The Scissor Boutique)
1st place – Verity Hardcastle – Miniature
2nd place – Corinna Verschuren – Standard
3rd place – Carol Hutchins  –  Standard

Crossbreed Workshop Intermediate (sponsored by Red Cape)
1st place – Emma Brown – Poochon
2nd place – Kelsey Bamford- Springer X Poodle
3rd place – Sophie Halstead – Miniature Poodle X Chinese Crested

Crossbreed Workshop Open (sponsored by Vita Canis)
1st place – Gemma Guile – Cross Breed
2nd place – Jade Elm Cooper – Miniature Labradoodle
3rd place – Lia Henderson – Lhasa X Poodle

Crossbreed Workshop Champion (sponsored by The Muddy Paw)
1st place – Julie Lalou – Poodle X
2nd Place – Rachel Hart – Cockerpoo
3rd Place – Julie Small – Cockerpoo

Best Transformation (sponsored by Groom Team England) Tiffany Jennings – Standard Poodle

Spectators Special Award (sponsored by Animology) Joanne Silk-Smith – Cocker Spaniel

 Robert Halliday Scissor Memorial Award– Adrian Long- Old English Sheepdog and Bouvier